Scuba Diving in the Cayman Trough

What is the Cayman Trench?

You may have heard of the Cayman Trench referred to as Bartlett Deep or Bartlett Trough. It’s basically a big ditch, which claims the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea (26,000ft), that runs from Belize all the way to Jamaica.

Usually trenches are found on tectonic boundaries, and the Cayman Trench can be found between the North American and Caribbean tectonic plate. The Cayman Islands themselves were actually formed due to interaction of the pates and pushed up from a submarine mountain range (The Cayman Ridge).

Why is it so special?

Not only is it the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Trench is also home to the worlds deepest sea vents: 5km deep! They are known as “Black Smokers” and scientists have recently discovered new species surrounding these vents, including eyeless shrimp.

Lets go Dive!

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by nutrient rich waters due to upwellings from the depth of the Cayman Trough, combined with Caribbean currents. This results in thriving shallow, fringing reefs. The Cayman Islands are composed of limestone; therefore no rivers. This means that the Cayman’s boast sapphire blue waters with awesome visibility.

If you’d like to visit the famous Cayman Trough, come for a dive. The first dive of our 2 Tank Trips are on “The Wall”, where you can look down the sheer drop into the abyss. The top of The Wall generally starts at 60ft, there are some dive sites where The Wall begins at 40ft, making it ideal for Open Water Divers.


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