Learning Scuba in Lockdown to come out of this a better diver.

Learning Scuba in Lockdown

Are you missing diving just as much as we are?

All is not lost, use this time to study the theory of diving. Even though we can’t get you in the waterjust yet, we can help you prepare for the next time you do. Scuba diving isn’t just about getting wet.

Scuba students know that diving involves a certain degree of theory work. Rather than sitting inthe bath tub with your mask and fins during this dry spell, why not deepen your scuba knowledgeinstead?

Continue Your Diving Education

Most divers are continuously looking to further their underwater proficiency. This can be done by
the way of Specialty Courses. SSI has plenty of online courses that you can enrol in and multiple
specialities to choose from. The theory aspect can be covered at home, and therefore you’re ready
to jump right into the practical portion (literally) when you reach your diving destination.
Our choice picks:
• Navigation
• Stress & Rescue
• Deep Diving
• Search & Recovery
• Enriched Air Nitrox

‘Enriched Air Nitrox’ can be completed theoretically and would be particularly useful in Cayman.Diving on nitrox gives you longer bottom times to enjoy the reef and shorter surface intervals. You’ll
also experience less fatigue than diving on air, so you’ll be full of energy in order to maximise therest of your vacation time.

My personal favourite; Science of Diving. As the name suggests this course allows you to geek out! Another qualification that is solely theory. You learn about the physics, physiology and chemistry of the underwater environment, as well as the effects on the human body and divingequipment. The only prerequisite for this course is to have your Open Water Diver qualification.


For You and The Family

There’s also lots of courses to get the kids interested and excited about the underwater world. The
minimum age for the majority of them is only 10 years old, making it perfect for some alternative
home schooling. For the most part open water dives are optional therefore you can complete the
course in the comfort of your own home, or get in touch with us to include these educational dives
the next time you visit Grand Cayman.
Perfect preparation for Cayman:
• Fish Identification
• Coral Identification
• Shark Ecology (my favourite)
• Marine Ecology
• Sea Turtle (another favourite)

Scuba Skills Update

Perhaps you don’t want to overwhelm yourself by taking on a new course? Instead you can review
your already existing skills by going through the Scuba Update. This will ensure you’re prepped for
your next dive.

If you have any questions throughout these online courses PLEASE feel free to get in touch with
us. We love to talk about diving despite the lack of ocean access at the moment.

Caribbean Reef Shark Diving Grand Cayman


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