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With over 70 dive sites to choose from around Grand Cayman Island, your options are plentiful. The three main areas to dive are the West, the North Wall, and the East End. A barrier reef surrounds the island allowing divers to jump in almost anywhere.

Silver Thatch Water Sports is one of the few charter companies that dives on the East End. On most days you can see the Ironshore line hugged by turquoise seas and dark shadows from the coral branching out of the wall. With the number of amazing dive sites to choose from, we’ve selected three of our favorites to share with you.

Ironshore Garden:

As you descend into the blue you are met by a variety of colorful marine life and mesmerizing coral reefs. Starting at about 50 feet, you’ll find a lot of canyons, crevices, and caverns to swim through. Common residents to this reef are the Blackspotted pufferfish, triggerfish, and schools of snapper. 

Three Sisters:

Named after the three towering pinnacles, this dive site offers a large variety of marine life. Keep an eye out for Caribbean lobsters, green moray and banded eels. There’s a wide field of coral to explore with no telling what you might see. Remember to look inside the tube sponges as you may find an arrow crab.  

Dumbo’s Lookout:

Located at about 60 feet you spot something you’ll likely not see anywhere else – placed on pinnacle you’ll find a pygmy elephant. The story goes that a divemaster stole his boss’s porcelain elephant pot plant before leaving the island and dropped it off at this dive site. Dumbo’s lookout offers a variety of pinnacles and viewpoints to peer over the wall edge into the depth below. 

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