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Diving East End, Cayman. Why its the best! – Silver Thatch Watersports

Diving East End, Cayman. Why its the best!

Diving East End, Grand Cayman: Why is it the best?


People always ask, “Why is diving in East End, Grand Cayman the best?” The simple answer is, it’s a diver’s paradise! You can’t get anything like it anywhere else on the island. If you love swim throughs and canyons, the south east side is for you at both the shallow and deep sites. If swim throughs are not your thing, the north east side could be more your style. The topography changes immensely from the north east side to the south east side.

I remember sailing across the Atlantic in December 2006 and saying to my friend, Steve, “I think I want to work in East End.” His response was, “Man, that’s the quiet side of the island. You might get a little bored living out there.” His ultimate advice was to spend two weeks driving and diving around the island to see what I liked the best before committing to a job. So, I did just that. I was lucky enough to have a good friend from school living here and working as an accountant, so I had a place to stay and never went without a beer!

East End Diving, Grand Cayman

First stop was on the west side. It was cool, but it was not quite what I was looking for. If you’re looking for easy diving and flat conditions, then it’s great. It just doesn’t have the bigger sea life and dramatic drop offs that east end diving has. The next day I was set to meet with someone from a local dive outfitter in East End, Grand Cayman.

I arrived and was quickly thrown on a boat with a great crew. The first dive site we went to was The Maze and before I knew it everyone was in the water and gone. I was just about to enter when a lady came to the surface needing more weight. I grabbed some for her and we dropped down together with no one else in sight. As we went down, we saw three reef sharks and they continued to pass by us for the entire 40 minutes of our dive. That was it! I was hooked! Diving in East End, Grand Cayman was going to be the place for me for the next 5yrs.


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Sharks Aren’t Scary:Come and Dive with them in East End!
I saw this guy snorkelling of Rum Point channel.

Diving The Maze site

Diving the maze.


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