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For those that are yet to try it, diving presents you with something that is rare to find. The opportunity to be able to be in an environment that once, was thought to be impossible but now a reality is incredible! The ocean is a peaceful place that offers so much, including miles of uncharted...
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It’s that time of week again… Get to know your crew members! Next up is Mr. Jamie Butler from Hungerford, England. Or as we like to call him… JB!!! Why did you choose to get into diving? I had never really thought about getting into diving until I went to visit a friend who was...
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It’s time to get to know the next staff member of White Sand Diving (WSD). I would like to introduce ‘the jack of all trades’ when it comes to diving – Miss Annabelle Halket from Surrey, England. Continue reading to find out more! Why did you choose to get in to diving? I started diving...
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Have you made your plans for the summer yet? Why not try something you have never done before. Or perhaps you might like to conquer a fear. Or maybe you would just like to re-visit something that you have dabbled in but never followed through with Scuba Schools International (SSI) is a world renown and...
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