Ahoy There Matey!

Avast thee… Pirates week is here again!

Every year at the start of November the Cayman Islands celebrate Pirates Week. It is an annual festival that celebrates the history of the Islands, which once upon a time used to be a favorite spot for Pirates and Buccaneers to frequent because of the numerous inlets safe haven to anchor their ships as well as the diversity of food sources such as turtles to live off.

In 1503 Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the islands on his journey to the New World but it was not until 1670 that the islands were ceded to Britain. It was between this time that the islands were a haven for many pirates and buccaneers including some of the most notorious pirates such as Edward Teach or as most know him as… Blackbeard!

Because of this, over the years, it has captured the imaginations of the Caymanians, which have run wild with stories and ideas so in 1977 the Cayman Islands Tourist and Visitors Bureau launched the first Pirates Week Festival. It took a few years to really take off but once it did, it has today become the Cayman Islands biggest festival with many locals taking place in the festivities and drawing in thousands of tourists from all around the world who love taking part as well. During this week the islands become alive, as there are numerous special events that take place including parades, costume contests, mock invasions, treasure hunts and most restaurants and bars have specials for the occasion. There are also fireworks!! Who doesn’t love a good fireworks display?

This year, 2018, marks the 41st year of the festival so if your on the island this week and want to join in the festivities you can head over to the Pirates Week website for a list of events to take part in.


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We look forward to seeing you soon and possibly making you walk the plank… 😉

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