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Addi Diving East End For The First Time In Grand Cayman.

Addi diving East End!

Addi diving East End!

Addi Diving East End is about a twelve year old Nebraskan girl. This is a blog about her very first dive.


My first dive was an unforgettable experience! It wasn’t deep because I had just learned how to dive. One of the first things I saw was a ginormous loggerhead turtle that swam right toward us. Also, I saw the prettiest corals imaginable. It was like a magical rainforest but sea water style. You can see all these cool fish. I saw striped and dotted fish of all colors. It looked like a rainbow of fish!   We also went into a cave and had a bunch of silver sides swarming around us and we took great pictures. Some of them looked HUGE! After we got out of the cave we saw a baby Eagle Ray it was so tiny and enchanting. I started to swim by it and WHOOSH! It swam away like a lightning bolt. 

Clearing My Ears

But I also had a problem on my first dive. I have always had problems with my ears. I got to about 20 ft and they started to ache and it just got worse. So, I went up to the surface and George came up with me and asked what was wrong. After I told him, he gave me tips on how I can subside the pain. He told me to slowly tilt my head side to side and he also told me to slow down and stay calm. When I was ready, we headed smoothly back into the water and when I started to feel pain I tried to pop them and it didn’t work. I calmed down and slowly tilted my head side to side and tried to pop them again. I got them to pop!

It went by to0 fast for Addi Diving East End

As the dive ended we slowly swam our way to the surface and we got on the boat and I went to the steering wheel and I drove us away with the help of George.I will never ever forget Addi diving East End.


Addi Diving East End
Addi Diving East End
George teaching Addi how to set up gear
Addi Diving East End
Driving the boat
Lighthouse Dinner
Addi Enjoying Dinner at the Lighthouse


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