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Reef Safe Sunscreen

The Ultimate Guide to Reef Safe Sunscreen Up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen are estimated to wash in coral reef systems around the world every year! Harmful chemicals used in sunscreen are a contributing factor in reef destruction. Hawaii was the first US State to ban non reef friendly sunscreen in 2018 and hopefully the […]

Grand Cayman Diving! Don't get narked!

Diving Grand Cayman! Don’t get narked!

Narcosis Explained Have you ever heard divers use the word ‘narked’ or ‘narcosis’? Have you been narked yourself? Let me tell you what it’s all about… What is narcosis? ‘Narked’ is slang for gas narcosis, more commonly known as nitrogen narcosis. It’s the narcotic effect that gases, not just nitrogen, can cause when breathed at […]

Snapper Hole

Diving Tips For Neutral Buoyancy

The Secret to Neutral Buoyancy Neutral buoyancy is the goal for every diver. Many new or inexperienced divers waste a lot of gas by over exerting themselves; either by finning up to keep from crashing into coral or kicking down to keep from bobbing up to the surface. It’s an important skill to master because […]

Addi Diving East End

Addi diving East End!

Addi diving East End! Addi Diving East End is about a twelve year old Nebraskan girl. This is a blog about her very first dive.   My first dive was an unforgettable experience! It wasn’t deep because I had just learned how to dive. One of the first things I saw was a ginormous loggerhead […]

Diving the maze.

Diving East End, Cayman. Why its the best!

Diving East End, Grand Cayman: Why is it the best?   People always ask, “Why is diving in East End, Grand Cayman the best?” The simple answer is, it’s a diver’s paradise! You can’t get anything like it anywhere else on the island. If you love swim throughs and canyons, the south east side is […]

Sharks Aren’t Scary:Come and Dive with them in East End!

Sharks Aren’t Scary:Come and Dive with them in East End!

Sharks Aren’t Scary:Come and Dive with them in East End! Sharks have been swimming in the ocean for over 400 million years! That’s way before the dinosaurs roamed the land. Sharks are apex predators, meaning they have no natural predators, yet nowadays shark populations are being slaughtered by the commercial fishing industry and many species […]

Perfect Buoyancy

Do you think you suck through your air too quickly on a dive?

Do you think you suck through your air too quickly on a dive? Here are 6 reasons you burn through your tank and tips to help you conserve your air… 1.Physiology In general woman have a smaller lung capacity than men. Sorry guys, nothing we can do about that! 2.Experience Level If you’re new to […]

Best dive staff

Best staff in Grand Cayman!

The Old Crew: Where is the best staff Now?    We have the best staff in Grand Cayman. Where is Annabelle now?   Life After Grand Cayman Travel. Travel. Travel. All I want to do is travel. I took a break from work and spent two months in Indonesia, where I was lucky enough to […]

Get To Know Our Crew: Beyers du Toit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Melissa joined the Silver Thatch crew in September 2019! She first knew she wanted to learn to dive when she did a night snorkel with manta rays in Hawaii. She loved the experience, but just wanted to go deeper! She has an 11-year-old daughter who shares her love of diving and passion for discovering […]


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